Taking Charge of Your Health

Managing Your Health

Taking charge of your health means getting the best value that you can – highest quality care at the lowest cost. These programs will help you and your family to be good health care consumers.

  • Consumer Health and Wellness Tips. Prepare for your doctor’s visit; learn how to get the most out of your preventive care visits; see how you can save money on prescription drugs; and much more.
  • Find Care and Costs Estimator. Find the best medical provider at the best cost.Compare cost and quality information for nearby doctors, facilities, and services; see what those services will cost you; find tips on how to choose providers.
  • Best Doctors. Get an expert in-depth review of your diagnosis and treatment plan, and help to understand your treatment options and how best to make an informed decision.
  • Virtual Visits. See and talk with a physician from your computer or mobile device for a number of non-emergency medical conditions. Physicians can also write prescriptions, if needed.
  • Call Advocate4Me through UHC at 1-844-298-0228 for answers and treatment options to your medical needs, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Be Healthy

Be Healthy

Your health and wellness is a key component of Benefit for Life. ADI wants to do all it can to help you and your family get and stay healthy.

  • UHC members can receive up to $150 per year in a Fitness Reimbursement and up to $150 per year in a Weight Loss Reimbursement.
  • Call Advocate4Me through UHC at 1-844-298-0228 for answers and treatment options to your medical needs, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Healthy Pregnancy Program Receive personal help through pregnancy; 24 hour access to maternity nurses during and after pregnancy and educational materials and resources that cover nutrition, exercise and childbirth preparation tips.

Benefits at a Glance

Benefit Plan Options

Analog is proud to offer a comprehensive and flexible benefits program that is among the best in our industry. It provides programs to help you get – and stay – healthy. ADI benefits are designed to support your physical and financial well-being, and to help you address your needs at work and home.

Planning Your Financial Future

Planning Your Financial Future

Saving and planning for the future is an important part of life. It’s also a key component of ADI’s benefit program. The Investment Partnership (TIP) Plan is designed to help you retire comfortably by letting you save through convenient pre-tax and/or Roth payroll deductions and by providing generous Company Basic and Matching contributions.

  • Saving for Retirement Learn how ADI’s TIP plan helps you maximize your retirement potential.
  • Retirement Needs What do you need for retirement?Estimate what you’ll need to enjoy your retirement years.
  • Investment Strategy Do you have an investment strategy? Find helpful insights whether you are looking for the basics or are an experienced investor.
  • Approaching Retirement Learn how to maximize your retirement and savings for a financial secure and happy retirement.
  • Fidelity NetBenefits Review your TIP account at Fidelity.Change your contributions and or investments; update your beneficiary; see how TIP funds have performed.
  • Social Security Visit the SSA.gov site for important program information, the benefits you are entitled to, and how to decide when to begin receiving them.
  • Medicare Visit the Medicare.gov site for important health insurance program information for people 65 years of age or older, the options you may choose from, and important information about when to enroll.

Balancing Home and Work

Taking Care of Life’s Challenges

Families take many shapes. You may be single, married, or in a committed relationship. You may have children in your life. You may have adult relatives, extended family and/or friends that rely on you for support. Whatever your situation, we know that balancing work and family commitments can be challenging. That’s where our Work / Life program can help. There’s almost no time when a little extra help doesn’t make a difference. Check out the ADI programs that can help support you and your family.

  • Employee Assistance Program. (EAP) Call KGA at
    1-800-648-9557 if you need someone to talk to. Professional counselors are available on a confidential, no-cost basis.
  • Child/Adult Care. Information and referral service for child or adult care. Whether it is regular day-to-day child or adult care needs, or occasional backup care required,ADI has programs that can help.
  • Adoption Assistance. Analog is a proud winner for the last 8 years of the 100 Best Adoption Friendly Workplaces Award by the Dave Thomas Foundation. Our program includes financial assistance and a paid parental leave.
  • College Coach. Whether your child is 12 months or 12 years away from college, College Coach can make the planning process a little easier.
  • Taking care of personal business can include convenience services for pet sitters, apartment rentals, relocation support, caterers, consumer information, travel information, wedding planners, home helpers, plumbers and many other needs – through KGA.
  • Legal Services. Receive legal advice on a wide range of legal matters by enrolling in Hyatt Legal.
  • Discounted Auto/Home Insurance. Get low group rates on auto, home, boat, and other vehicle insurance, and pay through convenient payroll deduction.

Making Your Benefit Choices

Managing Your Plan Coverages

Understanding your benefits and how they work lets you and your family get the most of the high quality programs Analog provides you. Take a closer look at ADI benefits and the tools and resources to help you choose the coverage that’s right for you.

Having a baby? Moving to a new home? Other changes in your life? Find out what changes in your life might mean for changes you want or may need to make to your benefit coverage.

You can view your current benefit coverages or account balances, and how to make needed changes to your contributions, investments or beneficiaries.

  • Your Medical Plan Choices. Deciding which Medical Plan is best for you and your family? Your medical coverage decision is one of the most important ones you make as an Analog employee.
  • Making Changes to Your Benefits. Find out about qualifying status changes that allow you to make changes outside of the Annual Enrollment period.
  • Health Insurance Marketplace. The federal Health Insurance Marketplace can help you find coverage for aged out dependents that fits your budget and meets your needs.
  • Plan Administrators. Learn how to get help when you have questions about your benefits, for example,if have a qualifying status change, want to change your TIP contributions or check a spending account balance.